Broken Record Vinyl Collection

Re-designing Nostalgia,

 ...and this version of Rock & Roll lasts forever. 

​BRVC was formed in 2009 by Jesse Amaya, as an entrepreneurial exercise in resourcefulness.  

Jesse's former T-shirt company, InVidious Tees, packaged their products in custom boxes made from recycled album covers.  Before long, piles of albums began to take up valuable space, and needed to be moved or thrown away.

Then came the idea.. (and out came the old leather jacket.)​

​With great attention to detail, Jesse embarked on establishing a systematic that would change his life forever.  That night, he hand-cut, hand-drilled and hand-stitched a recycled Ritchie Valens album onto a piece of leather, cut from his jacket.. and it worked like a charm. 

Over the years Jesse has perfected the art of making his accessories, and has brought life to several variations (such as belts, collars and watch bands) throughout the process.  All by himself.

BRVC was formed as an organic and proficient approach to combine music and art.. His practical and constructive accessories are that of extraordinary and remarkable quality, hand-crafted one at a time, with delicate care.

Feel free to contact me with any questions and/or inquiries.

                                                                                        -Jesse Amaya



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Broken Record Vinyl Collection